Got a thirst to save the Earth? 360 Vodka invites tree-huggers to tie one on. This “eco-friendly” vodka is bottled in green-tinted 85 percent recycled glass, its label is printed with soy ink on recycled paper, it’s quadruple distilled through an energy-efficient process, and it’s made from grains local to its McCormick distillery in Westin, Missouri. And according to Food & Wine’s Mouthing Off blog, it tastes good, too: “It’s sweet, soft and mellow, perfectly pleasant on its own or in fruitier vodka drinks.”

Kelly Magyarics of Kelly’s Grape Times also had positive things to say about this booze:

While I don’t consider myself a vodka connoisseur, Vodka 360 made a really decent martini. My husband and I are more gin lovers than vodka drinkers, but both of us thought it almost tasted like it had a bit of gin’s juniper aromatics (but maybe that was in our heads). It has a clean, not too ‘hot,’ finish.

For those who aren’t into drinking their vodka straight up, blogger Eco Chick shares a 360 recipe she calls Pauline’s Ginger Limey, and Slashfood offers five 360 cocktails with earth-friendly monikers, like the Eco-Tini and the slightly less appetizing Greenhouse Gas.

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