The hipsterification of Echo Park continues, and La Paz and its pupusas are no more, replaced by 15, a restaurant where you can get stuff like herb-grilled Hawaiian opah.

It’s definitely spiffed up from its previous incarnation, with air conditioning and an imposing bar (empty, because the liquor license is still in the works; ETA about a month). A couple of TVs hang over the bar and another two across from it. Photos of Keith Richards, Slash, and Tommy Lee hang on the walls.

The menu is kind of small, but that opah is a winner: “A generous meaty portion, grilled but rare inside. Nicely served on sauteed spinach on a plate decorated with baby vegetables and pencil-thin asparagus. Definitely the most upscale dinner I’ve ever had in Echo Park,” says LA_Eater.

Flank steak, perfectly seasoned, is crisply grilled on the outside and butter-soft inside, says bethshax. It comes on a bed of spinach with some grilled garlic.

But the short ribs get mixed reviews: bethshax says they’re not perfect though far superior to Dusty’s; lil mikey says his were offensively oversalted. Some like the kick of horseradish in their mashed potatoes; some don’t.

There’s a pretty cool deal called “$15 at 15,” which is basically a three-course meal for $15. You pick an appetizer and main dish, and the dessert is preordained. Pray that it’s the chocolate croissant bread pudding.

15 [Echo Park]
1320 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles

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