Rich, Robust Filipino at Pistahan

Any Filipino restaurant that nails dinuguan, the rich, saucy, pork blood stew, can be trusted with the rest of the menu, say hounds. Pistahan aces the dinuguan test, JungMann reports: “if it is this tangy and flavorful, I can only imagine how delicious the other dishes must be. Thick, adequately sour and topped with pieces of lechon kawali [fried pork belly], it far surpassed even my Lola’s [grandmother’s]!”

bokkyo, who also loves the dinuguan, endorses a couple of fish dishes as well: tilapia or bangus (milkfish) grilled in banana leaf. “The milkfish was excellent but the Tilapia, wow, this was a dish to transport its eater.”

Open since spring, Pistahan has a cheery vibe (the name means festival) and is holding its own against better-established neighborhood rivals. “While Elvie’s sat empty, Pistahan was brimming with a full house,” JungMann observes, “including 4 girls … squealing with delight over their ube [purple yam dessert], a man who was audibly moaning while eating maja blanca [coconut-corn pudding], and a lively party of 7 which ordered nearly the entire menu!”

Pistahan [East Village]
229 First Avenue (between E. 13th and 14th streets), Manhattan

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