litchick sums up the buzz on Strip-T’s, a little-known hole in the wall in Watertown: “This place has a remarkably terrible name, and a nice menu that seems totally at odds with a place called Strip-T’s (which sounds to me more like a sports bar).” Sounds more like a pole-dancing emporium to us, but we digress.

The food is good and fresh here, particularly:

• The sweet potato fries, “which actually taste like sweet potatoes and are not greasy,” says fantundo.
• Wraps, particularly the steak teriyaki wrap, says fantundo.
• Any soup, salad, or fish dish: “They are (in my experience) pretty consistently strong on those and quite a bit less so on meat and chicken,” says GretchenS.
• Onion rings.

Prices are on the shockingly low side. mbasnack ate dinner for two with soup, salad, mains, a side of onion rings, and a glass of wine each for $42. There’s also a Monday special, 10 percent off your check if you eat between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Strip-T’s Restaurant [MetroWest]
93 School Street, Watertown

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