When I worked the all-night shift at Dunkin’ Donuts as a teenager, I was expected to provide hot coffee and doughnuts to the (many) police officers who made a visit part of their regular routine. So I wasn’t surprised by the AP news brief “Cops Charged with Stealing Snacks.” It seems that a Louisiana convenience store was nice enough to offer the local officers free fountain drinks and cups of coffee. But this friendly relationship soon deteriorated:

Surveillance tapes showed each officer going into the Shop-A-Lott at Lott Oil around closing time and filling plastic bags with dozens of bottled soft drinks, [sheriff’s investigator Travis] Trammell said. The officers also are reportedly seen eating an assortment of other snacks without paying.

“Somebody call Frank Serpico,” snarks blogger Sean M. “Imagine how much worse this will get once they subpoena the owner of the donut shop.”

Yeah, no one can resist a good cop/doughnut joke.

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