The Tacos Cuernavaca truck may look like another one of the ultratrendy prettified trucks for a high-end market, but it’s completely and totally legit, insists streetgourmetla. This truck serves up regional food from the Mexican state of Morelos.

They’ve got 16 tacos, including cecina (cured beef), a specialty of Morelos. The chorizo is another sure bet, says streetgourmetla: “reddish-orange, the color of deliciousness.” There are six types of tortas, sincronizadas (ham and cheese in a tortilla), gringas (meat and cheese quesadilla), and mulitas, which is sort of like a taco sandwich.

There’s salsa verde, cooked on-site and always fresh. “I watched as one of the taqueros manned a pot, boiling tomatillos, onions, and whole chiles that were then splashed in a blender,” says streetgourmetla. The pickled vegetables and chiles are “Bugs Bunny garden huge, reminding you of the virtues of a thoughtful condiment selection. Natural flavors of the home kitchen brought to the pavement.”

But the most important thing here is the picadita, a rare Mexican snack in Los Angeles. It’s a huarache, a sandal-shaped hunk of masa, topped minimally with beans, salsa, crema, and Cotija cheese. It is reason enough to drive out to this truck, says streetgourmetla.

The truck shows up evenings at Whittier Boulevard near Eastmont. Look for the brightly colored truck with a cute cartoon torta as a mascot. It looks kind of like an urban assault vehicle.

Tacos Cuernavaca [East LA]
Whittier Boulevard at Eastmont, East Los Angeles
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