It’s nice when politicians give us recipes. We all remember Laura Bush’s Texas Governor’s Mansion Cowboy Cookies, right? Right?

Idaho senator Larry Craig’s wife, Suzanne, was kind enough to contribute a recipe to Congress Cooks! Naturally, the recipe uses Idaho potatoes. The thing is, in light of certain recent developments regarding the Republican senator’s alleged behavior in an airport restroom, the recipe looks, well, a little Freudian. Called the Super Tuber, it involves coring a hole through a potato, inserting a hot dog into the hole, and baking it.

Ladygoat of Foodgoat fame has photos, and she is the first to admit the dish “seems to aspire towards actual, rather than metaphorical, food porn.” In fact, she says, “I wonder if the Super Tuber is another one of those secret signals Craig employed?”

Craig goes to court September 26 to attempt to dismiss his guilty plea for disorderly conduct in the airport bathroom. A little free legal advice, Senator: If there’s a lunch recess at court that day, keep your Super Tuber under wraps.

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