jboeke is on a mission to eliminate rib heartbreak. Good intentions, plenty of good advice on technique, and still his ribs are nearly inedible and inevitably trashed.

Chowhound answers are diametrically opposed in the classic standoff: to boil or not to boil.

maisonbistro is on the boil ’em side, claiming these ribs are a hit every time. After boiling for five minutes, slather with barbecue sauce and let stand in the fridge for a day. Cook in a foil package, and turn the heat up at the very end for crispy outsides. “Do that, and then come and tell me they were crap.”

woodburner takes the low and slow route: Boiling ribs “is a high crime against swine.” Dry-rub the ribs, then cook low and slow at least two and a half to three hours. Wood chips that create smoke (in a foil pouch on a gas grill) are essential to penetrate the meat. Fuser agrees—no boiling; long and slow over indirect heat is absolutely the only way to get great ribs.

GastronautMN offers an ingenious détente: Cook the ribs over coals, wrap in foil, and throw in a cooler. The insulation will keep hot stuff hot, so the ribs will continue to cook to total tenderness. Great for cooking corn in the husk, too. You can finish on the grill for some char marks. Now that’s easy.

The debate rages on … you pick.

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