Summer may be wrapping up, but it’s still hot enough in most places that it would be inadvisable to leave your pet in the car with the windows rolled up.

But what about your cookies?

Last summer, reports began to surface about a woman who’d developed a unique way to bake her cookies. She leaves them on the dashboard of her car, parked in the sun on a hot day.

‘When you open the door to that car,’ [Sandi Fontaine, the creative cookie baker] said, ‘it’s like, oh, my God. It’s a wonderful smell.’

Happily for anyone who wants that smell for his own car, blogger Nicole Weston, of Baking Bites, has perfected the Car-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

Although simple, the process is not un-complex. Weston also provides a tip sheet with good suggestions, like putting a thermometer in the window so you can see how hot it is in the car and placing something under the baking sheet so your dashboard doesn’t get damaged.

Her first batch took two and a half hours to cook. But every one of the light-colored cookies was gobbled up in under five minutes.

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