Seafare Inn has had the “same location, family ownership and, largely, clientele for nearly 50 years,” says degustateur. They serve really fine seafood and some rare jewels of the sea, like fresh John Dory, shark, abalone, whole-body Ipswich clams, sand dabs, and homemade pickled herring. Delicious, plump, fresh oysters are a mere $13 a dozen, and the crab sandwiches are made with pure crab, no filler. In addition, the fried, battered shrimp are “second to none,” says degustateur. There are daily specials. There are great chowders. There is excellent, mayo-less pickled coleslaw.

The Seafare Inn is a glorious old throwback to an earlier era—those hankering for a Midwestern sort of vibe might be deeply happy here. degustateur has been going here for 25 years without a single disappointment. And, says degustateur, the best day to go is Tuesday.

Seafare Inn [San Gabriel Valley]
16363 Whittier Boulevard, Whittier

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