One requires cooling cocktails to to take on summer’s heat. Here are a few delicious ideas.

For those seeking cocktails that are truly refreshing (rather than fruity/sweet), gin or vodka and and tonic are ideal; try adding a muddled sprig of mint for a summery twist, says Candy. Campari and soda with orange, and salty dogs (gin and grapefruit juice) are also great for those prefering a drier, tarter quaff.

Bellini-inspired cocktails are fun and beautiful. Make fresh fruit puree (or cheat by using frozen), and mix 2 parts puree to 1 part vodka. Chill. Put 1 to 2 oz puree mixture in a flute and top with prosecco, Champagne, or other sparkling white wine (Aaron).

If you’re a fan of slushy drinks, daiquiris are a great choice. Here’s dragonfly’s recipe for a luscious banana daiquiri: Fill your blender with ice, add a banana, half a small can of frozen pineapple juice concentrate, and half the same can’s worth of white rum. Blend everything up, and garnish as desired (e.g., with mint, fruit, slice of lime). Try adding some ginger!

For a great party drink, Ellen offers this recipe:
1 basket fresh raspberries
16 oz fresh grapefruit juice
16 oz vodka 4 oz raspberry liqueur (e.g., chambord) or cassis
1 750 ml bottle sparkling wine

Place raspberries in bottom of a very large pitcher or a punch bowl and muddle. Fill with ice and add grapefruit juice, vodka, and raspberry liqueur. Add sparkling wine, stir, and strain into martini glasses garnished with a fresh raspberry.

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