The season of the weird is fast approaching, and our favorite matronly jailbird, Martha Stewart, does not let us down. This year’s Halloween seems to be bringing out her goth side, in the persona of the Glampire, evidently a cross between Elvira and Amy Winehouse. But check out photo number four in the makeup-application shoot: Is it just me, or does Martha look very Madonna, the early years? Tranny-sylvania, here we come.

Then there’s the new teaser for the fall season of The Martha Stewart Show, set to the Def Leppard classic “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” Goth Martha, rocker Martha—what’s next? Matt at Lost in TV has some ideas, and he thinks the commercial works:

It’s ironic, it has an element of comedy, and the message is succinct: Martha Stewart has ideas that rock. Everyone wins! And PS, she might also be a closeted Def Leppard-loving rocker [chick] who’s not afraid to bring out the 80’s spandex in the new season of her talk show (I’m just guessing).

We can only hope.

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