The newest addition to Artesia’s lineup of provincial Indian food: Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se, a specialist in the street food of Mumbai, the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. “This cuisine is rarely found outside of Maharashtra, let alone India,” explains losfelizhound.

You can get masaale bhaath, spiced rice, a traditional Maharashtrian specialty. “This dish demands spice, not heat, and that’s exactly how it was,” says losfelizhound. Sabudana vada, deep-fried tapioca balls, are a classic Maharashtrian snack. Here they’re on the mark, and not at all greasy.

Sabudana khichadi, shallow-fried spiced tapioca, is an excellent balance of green chiles, cilantro, and fried stuff. It’s terrific, like Mom’s cooking at its finest, says losfelizhound. And puneri misal, another quintessential Maharashtrian snack, is a soupy broth of pulses and grams, with a twist of buffed, beaten, spiced rice. If you can take it, ask for it hot.

The dabeli is sort of like a vegetarian slider. It’s a Gujarati snack, uncommon anywhere except the Gujarati areas of Mumbai (formerly Bombay). The potato patty filling is spicy and soft, with a topping of pomegranate seeds and spiced peanuts. It’s a fabulous snack, says losfelizhound.

Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se [South Bay]
17705 Pioneer Boulevard, Artesia

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Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se!

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