The Consumerist blog reports on Pop Weaver, the first microwave popcorn to expressly stop using the flavoring chemical diacetyl. Diacetyl, you may recall, gives microwave popcorn its buttery taste. It has also been implicated in bronchiolitis obliterans, a disease that destroys the lungs of workers in flavoring plants. A link between the chemical and the disease has long been suspected, and medical studies seem to support this, but government regulators have been dragging their heels over addressing the hazard (if you’re going to read one article about the issue, that last one is fantastically thorough, by the way).

Now, it looks as if the diacetyl issue is finally hitting home: A physician “may have identified the first known case of a man who ate popcorn at home and had the same disease as the workers.”

What can you do? Don’t buy microwave popcorn; instead make your own.

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