Here are some delicious ways to dispatch summer’s bounty of cherry tomatoes:

For hors d’oeuvre, cut a tiny slice from the bottom of each tomato so it sits flat, cut the tops off, and scoop out the seeds. Then stuff with pesto, guacamole, herbed cream cheese and smoked salmon, a bit of fresh mozzarella and a sliver of fresh basil, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Roasted cherry tomatoes have an incredibly intense tomato flavor, says Budino. Line a baking sheet with heavy-duty foil and roast them at 225°F until their skins burst and they are caramelized and a bit dehydrated. Use them in salads, pasta, omelets, couscous, on bruschetta—they’re delicious in all sorts of dishes. They keep well refrigerated, topped with a little olive oil, and freeze well, too.

Spicy Roast Chicken with Tomatoes and Marjoram and sautéed chicken with cherry tomatoes are both highly recommended.

Many Chowhounds love this cherry tomato–onion tart.

Several recommend this curried ketchup made with cherry tomatoes.

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