“There’s something about spicy Chinese food that keeps people coming back for more,” says Pandan Express. For your next hit, go to Yunnan 168, the newest purveyor of San Gabriel Valley heat.

The house special Yunnan rice noodles have a wonderful broth with green onions rounding out the richness of chicken, says Pandan Express. The slices of meat, textured like a more delicate char siu pork, are perfectly seasoned. And the slices of chicken leg are “flavorful, juicy, and perfectly tender,” says Pandan Express. “I hadn’t had chicken cooked so well in a long time.”

Home-style tofu has strong wok qi: It’s fried on the outside, still custardy on the inside. “The dish had that lingering taste which I associate as a precursor to a spicy bite, but the bite just never hit,” says Pandan Express.

Yunnan 168 [San Gabriel Valley]
1530 San Gabriel Boulevard, San Gabriel

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