Watch out, Real Simple, because the current issue of ReadyMade magazine has some organizational tips for the kitchen that you’re gonna wish you thought up first. In the past, ReadyMade has always offered intriguing and earth-friendly ideas, but sometimes its projects—while undeniably cute and fun—can be borderline cockamamie. For instance, I’m a devoted reader, but I’m never gonna make a space-age spice rack or a basmati handbag (both require registration). Still, these kooky craft ideas do inspire me to look more creatively at my kitchen.

And the ideas in the current August/September issue (which is on the newsstands but not yet available online) are not only imaginative, but also totally sensible and helpful. Need to clear some of the paperwork off your fridge? The DIY mag suggests fastening corkboard to the backs of cabinet doors. Then, sew some magnets into your potholders and stick them somewhere close to the stove so they’ll be handy when you need to pull a hot pan from the oven. This issue also offers tips on recycling everything from kitchen appliances to cleaning products to cookbooks. That is, ReadyMade tells you where to get rid of this junk, rather than how to turn it into, say, a groovy lawn sculpture or an eccentric end table.

Speaking of DIY ideas, we sometimes have a few good ones of our own.

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