During the holiday party season, many a host hopes to pick up pre-made nibbles to avoid hours of preparation and cleaning. Formaggio Kitchen is justifiably known for its cheese selection, but its groceries and meats are also wonderful—if pricey. MC Slim JB has bought, in addition to cheese, “various salumi, charcuterie, deli-case items like anchovies, olives, and roasted peppers, cookies, petit fours, candies (salt caramels, yum), fresh produce, bread, dairy products (they carry Chip-in Farm eggs), oils, vinegars, dried legumes, dried pasta, wine, beer,” and says the “quality is impeccable, but you pay a premium for it.”

hotoynoodle once bought a plate of Spanish ham there made from pigs fed on grape must: “I still dream about it. It was also $25 a pound, lol.” Splendid Spatula has had a good experience with platters of cheese, salumi, and spreads. And pocketgarden speaks up for the prepared-food holiday specials: “Eduardo the head chef does the bulk of holiday menu catering himself, and his beef stew is really delicious, the epitome of good home-cooking. Eduardo’s food (daily dinners, soups, and holiday menus) are how you always hoped your grandmother’s cooking would taste. Not cheap, but you won’t be disappointed.”

Formaggio Kitchen [Cambridge]
244 Huron Avenue, Cambridge

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