The tiny Sandbox Bakery is a treasure trove for pastry-loving residents of Bernal Heights, says BernalKC. The beautiful, light-filled modern space has a bit of a Japanese inflection, as do the pastries.

But its straight French pastries could give Tartine a run for its money, like a pain au chocolat with Valrhona chocolate: “the chocolate was still soft and warm, and the buttery croissant was flaky and indulgent,” BernalKC says. The plain croissant is sublime (much like Tartine’s but not as huge), but an almond croissant is a bit overdone and dense, though still delicious and flaky.

The yuzu cheese Danish is “flawless.” There’s a great morning bun that’s visually a dead ringer for the one at Tartine, and a chocolate cream in a spiral bread cone that’s like “every kid’s dream pastry.”

BernalKC also loved the crystallized ginger orange scone, with a crisp sugared crust and a moist interior that’s all “perfect scone crumb goodness.” Calvinist recommends the scones, which include savory dill and cheddar versions.

Sandbox Bakery [Bernal Heights]
833 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco

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