“Could it be that something that came with three dozen donkey carts of hype actually lived up to them? I’d say so,” says Woolsey after experiencing the Yirgacheffe coffee made in a Chemex carafe-filter at the famous Chicago company’s newly opened cafe.

“It was fantastic, too, with no bitterness, a wonderfully clean finish. After slugging down so much bitter, harsh office coffee all day to fuel the drudgery, it was nice to have something so elegant. We were getting buzzed almost like it was wine, not coffee.”

The other fancy option is coffee brewed in a Clover machine. It’s grand, rich, and wonderful, says Suebee. Even an iced latte is distinctive, the espresso strong without any bitterness, and subtly creamy. Hot espresso is just as good, with beautifully formed foam.

The pastry selection is nothing out of the ordinary, but the muffins and breakfast breads are from Delilah in Echo Park, and Bread Bar supplies croissants, minibaguettes, and brioche.

Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea [Silver Lake]
3922 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

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