Eschbach is a sort of trad-Euro oasis in an area where it’s a lot easier to get loco moco or okonomiyaki than a good deli sandwich.

The roast beef sandwich comes with a generous portion of meat, a good cheese slice, nice ’n’ fresh tomato, pickle, and lettuce on a Giuliano’s roll—all for $3.75, says DiveFan.

Liverwurst is extremely creamy, and a sandwich is just $2.98, adds Foodandwine. Good pickle, too.

Smoked pork chops and homemade German sausages to cook at home also are great here. Mr Grub is particularly fond of the weisswurst and says all the sausages are better and cheaper than elsewhere.

And Clinton has got to have the last word on this place:

“I brought a wild hog I shot while hunting a while back and had Eschbach smoke the two hams and make spicy sausages with some of the shoulder meat. They did a great job smoking the meat and the sausages were outstanding!”

Er, nuff said.

Eschbach Meat Products [South Bay]
18045 S. Western Avenue, Gardena

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