Well, we live in a world that conspicuously consumes a $5,000 burger and a $10,000 martini, so why not a $1,000 ice cream sundae?

Serendipity is one of those schlocky romantic movies that I hate, yet feel inextricably drawn to whenever TBS, TNT, or one of those other Saturday afternoon movie cable channels airs it. Serendipity 3, which is heavily featured in the movie, is a historic restaurant and ice cream bar in New York that just happens to serve the world’s most expensive sundae.

A thousand bucks and a two-day advance reservation will get you the Golden Opulence Sundae, created to celebrate Serendipity 3’s 50th anniversary two years ago. What melting pile of sticky sweetness could possibly warrant such a huge price tag? According to luxury-goods newsletter Pocket Change, which also has a photo of the sundae in all its gory glory, your $1,000 buys the following:

Five scoops of rich Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream wrapped in edible 23 karat gold leaf. Fauchon pears, and exotic red figs, star fruit, angelique, and delicious pineapple combine with a 3.5 oz mixture of melted, chunked and flaked Amedei Porcelana and Chuao chocolates (made from rare cocoa beans grown only on the Venezuelan coast) to take any and everyone to ice cream nirvana. And what’s more, twelve gold dipped dragées and salt-free Grande Passion caviar infused with Armagnac and juices from blood oranges and passion fruit add sophisticated texture and a gush of bold sweetness.

The Golden Opulence Sundae is plated with four French marzipan cherries paired with four creamy white and dark chocolate truffles. To top off the hour-prep time required to serve specialty cake designer Ron Ben-Isreal’s design, eight more hours are invested in hand crafting the delicate and splendid edible gold leaf sugar flowers. And what better way to delve into a $300 Baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet than with an 18-karat gold spoon, with none other than a mother of pearl inlay. Even if you can’t polish off the Kilimanjaro of sundaes, the crystal goblet is yours to keep.

Do you get to keep the spoon, too?

So, if you have that person on your holiday gift list that has everything, including the voice-activated R2-D2 from the Hammacher-Schlemmer catalog, AND the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra (which is $12.5 million worth of chafing), think about dropping a few large ones on this Guinness Book of World Records sundae. Just make sure they aren’t lactose intolerant.

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