Take one meat-happy grill master, add one cocktail connoisseur, shake, strain, and what do you get? A meat-juice cocktail.

This is what happened last weekend, when Biggles, master of meat-loving blog Meathenge, met Cameron, half of the team behind the blog Married … with Dinner. Biggles tells the story on his blog:

Whether you grill, smoke or do mostly oven roasted goodness, your cutting board always has some form of delectable juices laying about in the trough around the edges. This is where you’ll find lovers of the medium dredging their kill through for extra flavors and textures. It’s prized highly and never lasts long. … But why was Cameron pouring the meat juices in to a small drinking [glass], actually 2 glasses?

He disappeared, 1 in each hand. When he returned, a shot of vodka had been added to the slurry. And by slurry I mean, pork, beef, lamb, bacon, goat and andouille. Cameron handed one to me and drank his down. A sip first, then mine followed. Man, it was surely a good meaty, then spiky booze hit, then fatty meat, then booze. It was crazy, it was like gravy, but a booze drink. I dearly loved both the flavors and mixtures and how it finished.

As Cameron explains in the comments section of the post, the concoction is called a Bull Shot. “But if you order one in a bar, you’ll likely get bouillon and other muck…if you get anything more than a funny look.”

Between the meat-juice cocktails and bacon-infused vodka, barbecue cocktail hour may never be the same.

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