Little Nepal serves impressive and satisfying Nepalese cuisine. Every dish Dave MP tried was excellent. Kukhura ra mula—boneless chicken with radish, garlic, ginger, and tomato sauce—is flavorful, with delicious pieces of radish, and severe amounts of ginger. It reminds him of the food he ate in India—which was, on the whole, a lot more gingery than Indian food in the States. Saagko tarkari—mustard greens with tomatoes, garlic, and ginger—feels very homemade. Naan is good, but very sweet.

Also try the eggplant, tandoori chicken, and jhinge machako tarkari—king-size tiger prawns cooked to absolute perfection, in the usual blitz of ginger, garlic, and tomato.

Little Nepal [Bernal Heights]
925 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco

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