Ratatouille may have been a box-office disappointment (although a critic and food-lover favorite), but that hasn’t stopped culture producers from assuming kids are as food-obsessed these days as grown-ups.

For his latest project, Jamie Oliver, the Naked Chef, will have to keep his clothes on.

According to an article in the Scotsman titled “Jamie’s Cartoon Is Meat and Veg to the Viewers,” Oliver is about to be immortalized—in animation form.

The 11-minute cartoon shorts, called Little J, follow 10-year-old Oliver on his quest to become a great chef:

Oliver’s cartoon companions will include a depressed ham, a mad scientist called Eggs Benedict and a band called The Vulgar Vegetables.

It’s no surprise that Oliver, as opposed to, say, Anthony Bourdain, is the first chef to become an animated character (though I can think of a few who have become cartoonish). Oliver has been a tireless advocate for bettering children’s diets—sometimes quite controversially.

The best part? The series is being produced by Aardman Animations, whose Wallace and Gromit have brought joy (and a new appreciation for Wensleydale) to fans all over the world.

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