It’s August, and that means vacation time on the east side of the pond (they get a whole month, dontcha know). The British are going abroad—and bringing their various foraging habits with them.

Jay Rayner breaks it down for us in the Observer Food Monthly piece “When Food Tribes Go Abroad.” From “The Dordogne Bore” to “The Authenticity Addict,” I can, sadly, see a bit of my traveling self in four of the five categories he describes, especially “The Market Kings”:

Market Kings stay in villas … and never eat out because, as they insist, loudly and often, ‘really, why would you when the produce in the markets here is so fabulous, I mean look at the tomatoes nothing like the flavourless rubbish you get back home and the peppers are so sweet you could eat them for dessert. Here try some of the bread–it’s made by a local man who’s 103, blind, incontinent, and crippled by arthritis but he’s still got the touch …’

Of course, English-speakers aren’t the only food-obsessed travelers. Sometimes European foodies come to this side of the pond to vacation or live.

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