Michael Ruiz, famed of the beloved, but departed, Bistro Verdu and Ingredients, has come back to Montrose. He’s opened Fork Bistro as a “working class bistro,” says patz. “His style of cooking is always what I want to eat when I don’t want to cook for myself,” says chez cherie, and Fork is “unadulterated Ruiz—charcuterie, great cheese and small plates, as well as a bunch of satisfying braised dishes that are perfect for this cold snap.”

Ruiz’s beloved duck confit salad with arugula and Marcona almonds is back. Yam ravioli is excellent, laced with the delicate flavor of truffles. Short ribs with root vegetables and noodles is another homey, comforting dish, perfect for a chilly night, says Jack Flash. But the big favorite is pork shoulder with polenta and bacon. “The crunch of the bacon, combined with the tender pork shoulder and the texture of the buttery polenta, complemented each other perfectly,” says patz. Add a side of roasted Brussels sprouts (with more bacon), and you’ve got loads of “earthy nuggets of goodness,” says chez cherie.

Fork Bistro [San Fernando Valley – East]
2263 Honolulu Avenue, La Crescenta-Montrose

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