Taiwan Restaurant has its ups and downs. It hires chefs from Taiwan, who tend to work for three or four years before departing for greener pastures, explains yimster. Right now, the Berkeley branch of Taiwan is awesome.

The oyster omelet is stellar, says Han. The eggs are perfectly cooked; the oysters are the right size; the tomato sauce is properly sweet. It’s one of the best Taiwanese oyster omelets in the Bay Area. Pork roll with five-spice is delicious, much better than it used to be. South Taiwan–style noodle soup is still very good.

We’re talking only about the Berkeley branch here. The Clement branch isn’t as good. The one great thing about the Clement location is that it’s the only place to get a particular pastry called a cow’s tongue, which looks like a huge set of sugarcoated lips. It’s chewy. And good.

Taiwan Restaurant [East Bay]
2071 University Avenue, Berkeley

Taiwan Restaurant [Richmond]
445 Clement Street, San Francisco

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