If you’ve got a grill, you’ve got a stovetop and an oven as well, say Chowhounds. With a gas grill, you can choose to use only two burners and indirect heat, along with a closed top, to mimic an oven for baking lasagne and other baked pastas, gratins, skillet cornbread, and fruit cobblers and crisps.

Pizza cooked directly on a grill’s grates is terrific, especially with strongly flavored toppings that can stand up to the rustic, smoky flavors of the grill—sun-dried tomatoes, smoked cheeses, etc.—says sgwood415. The high heat of the grill is great for making naan, according to chowser, who recommends this recipe.

jzerocsk shares a neat trick for making a workaday frozen food better: He tosses frozen french fries with a bit of olive oil, puts them in a grill basket designed for vegetables, and cooks them over a medium-low burner on a gas grill. They get nice and crispy and a bit caramelized.

If you’re cooking meat over hot charcoal, you can nestle a wok in the coals while your meat rests and get real wok heat to cook a side dish that a home stove cannot put out.

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