jessicheese says Bubba Burgers are the best frozen burger patties she’s ever eaten. She’s especially a fan of the patties that come with Vidalia onion minced in. And Tee agrees, though he knows it’s culinary blasphemy to admit to liking prefab frozen hamburger patties. “This post officially destroys any credibility I have from 7 years on [Chowhound],” he says. But they’re stunningly good, Tee says, a fast, easy, and delicious alternative to hand-formed burgers. The only drawback is the price: 10 bucks for a package of six relatively small patties.

CindyJ couldn’t disagree more. According to her, the patties lack substance and flavor, and there’s not enough dripping fat to sizzle up and flavor the meat. “In a word—BLEEEECH!!!” she says.

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