Food & Wine’s Mouthing Off blog calls Mixology Monday “the coolest online cocktail party.” This monthly event invites cocktail bloggers to dream up drink recipes based on a predetermined theme—August’s was Orange. They’re all supposed to post their recipe on Mixology Monday—which should’ve been two days ago—but you can’t rush the art of the cocktail, kids.

Better late than never, the big MxMo roundup from this month’s host, Intoxicated Zodiac Blog, is running today—with a whopping 26 entries, complete with brief astrological readings of those who submitted the recipes. Here’s one to whet your whistle:

JAY, a LEO, from OH GOSH, makes the BLOOD & SAND and provides a nice historical background on this provocatively named tipple. Appropriately chosen, as Leo also rules blood.

No word yet on next month’s theme or who’ll be hosting the subsequent round of recipes—perhaps the MxMo organizers are too hung over to sort out those details at the moment—but if anyone knows what the plan is, please leave a comment.

Late-breaking news: Here’s a schedule of upcoming Mixology Mondays—the next one is on September 17, the host is CocktailNerd, and the theme is Fizz.

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