Won’t somebody think of the zoo animals?!

Aside from being a blow to food-lovers and authentic frites makers everywhere (note to self: Steal the title of this post, “The Horse Crisperer,” in the future), the proposed federal ban on horse slaughter has interesting implications for zoo animals. With only one horse-slaughter plant left in the United States (and that one on the verge of being shut down), some zoos have switched to imported horse meat to feed their carnivorous species.

Other zoos have replaced horse meat with beef in recent years, despite horse meat’s more nutritious profile, one that is closer to what the animals eat in the wild.

‘Horses are accepted as pets,’ says Tanya Wyche, assistant director of the Austin Zoo in Texas. ‘We wouldn’t feed people’s cats and dogs to our animals.’

And the ethical maze of animal slaughter and animal food just gets twistier.

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