After tasting a lot of barbecue in the San Fernando Valley over a period of several months, Steve2 in LA has determined that the ’cue from Kansas City BBQ Company is superior to just about everything else sold by that name in the valley.

Beef and pork ribs are juicy, smoky, and extremely flavorful without the sauce. This ain’t no meat-baked-in-sauce masquerading as barbecue. The flavor comes from a dry rub of paprika, sugar, garlic, black pepper, and spices, plus, of course, smoke. There is a really nice hot-and-sweet sauce, too.

Barbecue beans are amazing: sweet, smoky, and packed with chunks of smoked beef. Sweet potato fries are fab, especially with that barbecue sauce. But potato salad and slaw are nothing special.

Two meat combos with Wonder-type bread and two extra sides run just under $40.

It’s not a destination restaurant, but Joey’s Smokin’ B-B-Q opened recently in Manhattan Beach and Tustin, and it’s surprisingly good, says Nicole, citing the pulled pork and brisket as particularly tasty. Ribs aren’t Joey’s strong suit, and the barbecue sauce is awfully sweet. Avoid the sides, which Xericx describes as “proportioned junk filler instead of being real sides.” OK, it’s not the most authentic ’cue joint ever, but it’s a good option if you’re in the ’hood, and it’s pretty cheap. Burgers are supposed to be worthwhile, too.

Uncle Flip’s is a pretty good option in the area also, with some of the best beef sausage around—juicy and spicy, with a snap in each bite, says Steve2. Try it on a sandwich with some of the tasty sauce and some slaw.

The beans are terrific, too. Sweet, smoky, and meaty, they’re a close second to Kansas City BBQ Company’s. And the chow-chow relish is different and really great. Meatless greens and dirty rice are also good.

Baby back ribs are good, if not spectacular—juicy and flavorful. The pulled pork (that’s Niman Ranch, mind you) is moist and pleasant.

Look out for the Kobe beef sandwich and ribs—they go fast. Lunch here is a steal: A pulled pork sandwich with two sides and a drink is $5 even.

Kansas City BBQ Company [San Fernando Valley]
4141 Lankershim Boulevard, Studio City

Joey’s Smokin’ B-B-Q [South Bay]
3200 N. Sepulveda Boulevard, Manhattan Beach

Joey’s Smokin’ B-B-Q [Orange County]
Tustin Marketplace
2915 El Camino Real, Tustin

Uncle Flip’s Smoke Pit [San Fernando Valley]
4715 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood

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