The venerable chicken costume is generally only seen on life-of-the-party types and at Halloween. But thanks to a couple of ambitious European artists, chicken suits may soon be available for actual chickens. That’s right: You can dress your chicken in a knitted sweater, a camouflage vest, or even a hairy dress. As designers Edgar Honetschläger and Willi Mahringer put it, they “love to make animals human … because this way we believe to understand them better.” Judging by this not-to-be-missed video (warning: annoying chicken music), a chicken fashion show in Japan was quite an event, which only promises to egg the designers on more. Furthermore, according to the website:

With his [sic] ChickensSuit®, Edgar Honetschlaeger and Wilhlem Mahringer expose the alleged ‘world community’ as a tough world market, in which only those succeed who consume. Finally, the artist [sic] promises to deliver a proper ‘piece of freedom’ with free delivery.

Um, maybe that last part was translated through Babel Fish? Oh, well, if the “piece of freedom” comes fried in a buttermilk batter, sign me up.

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