I’m a little tired of the hoity-toity food blogs. You’ve seen the kind of thing I’m talking about: a tasting menu here, duck confit there, fine wines and imported cheese everywhere. And then there’s Pioneer Woman. I tell you, she’s the one I’d rather hang out with.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks! is written by Ree, a self-described desperate housewife living on a remote cattle ranch. Ree may have grown up in the city eating sushi, but when she met and married her husband she learned to cook cowboy food.

I’ve always been obsessed with cooking, and was a food snob when I met Marlboro Man. Then I learned he doesn’t eat food snob food. Then I cried. Then I picked myself up off the floor and learned to embrace anti-food snob food. Then I learned to love it and even create my own dishes. Then I got my ass on the Stairmaster.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks! is an offshoot of the PW’s extremely popular (and extremely funny) main blog, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, which won a Bloggie this spring. In it she chronicles life on a working cattle ranch with her husband, the hunk also known as Marlboro Man, and their four horse-riding, cattle-herding children. The photos are stunning, the work of cattle ranching fascinating, and there are more calf nuts than you can shake a stick at (no, that is not some new trendy tree nut imported from Spain; we’re talking castrated cow balls here, Rocky Mountain oysters).

Both of the Pioneer Woman’s blogs showcase the same impressive photography and bawdy sense of humor. On the Pioneer Woman Cooks! recipe categories include “Man Pleasers” and “Chick Food.” Truly this is anti–snob food—no imported ingredients you can’t get at a supermarket, and no skimping on the butter. “[T]his is The Pioneer Woman Cooks! and NOT Cooking Light!,” Ree points out.

Anyway, you’re going to burn off all those calories tomorrow morning when you get up at 5 to herd cattle, right?

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