Who knows where that line between coincidence and trend really falls, but when we noticed two high-profile food bloggers on different coasts churning out some high-quality foodie haiku, we couldn’t help but wonder—is this a new food trend?

In New York, the witty and wonderful Deb of Smitten Kitchen summarizes her latest creations with a series of haikus. My favorite is this one:

red smoky spicy

joy, the broiler and i have

found pork chop heaven

While Deb floats off into pork-chop heaven, over on the West Coast, Matt, of the gorgeous blog Mattbites, is waxing rhapsodic about cupcakes from the Sprinkles bakeries:

I swore off Sprinkles

then Seasonal Cherry came

Now my waistline grows.

Your call: trend or not? But I am not going to be surprised if six months from now, food bloggers in the Midwest start counting syllables and considering ways to poetically sum up making muffins. Fashion-forward food bloggers: Get a jump on the trend and start composing your haikus now!

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