Food service workers in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, are in the grips of what may be the dumbest food-related prank since coworkers served a Santa Cruz firefighter dog food on his spaghetti in 2004.

Teens are paying for soft drinks at drive-through windows and then lobbing the drinks back in at the restaurant employees—helpfully yelling, “Fire in the hole!” before letting the beverages fly.

An attack at a local Subway took the mayhem to a sinister new level:

In that incident, a young male in a red Dodge Dakota extended cab pickup with a bug shield, after-market Lund hood scoops and a black tarp over the bed threw a concoction that burned the eyes of a restaurant employee for about 10 minutes. He, too, yelled, “Fire in the hole!”

A story in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review details every aspect of the crime, from car descriptions to the police investigation to sociological comment from soothsaying academic experts.

‘I think our culture is increasingly aggressive and violent, and we celebrate that in all sorts of ways,’ [Seton Hill University Center for Family Therapy Director Rebecca] Harvey said. ‘… There’s sort of this hyped-up thing about being aggressive and getting over on people.’

But the real culprit in the spree? Apparently the Internet, the dumping ground for home-brew footage of the prank. Naturally, a cursory search of YouTube turned up news reports featuring surveillance video of the pranks but not the original prank footage itself.

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