A16 has fantastic Neapolitan tripe—tender, in a rich tomato sauce with egg and sheep’s milk cheese, says Amy G.

Incanto is famous for its vast and ever-changing selection of glorious tripe dishes. Most frequently mentioned: the tripe salad—tender boiled tripe served cold with olive oil, lemon, and herbs. It’s light, bright, and beautiful.

There’s a sensational tripe alla fiorentina appetizer at Delfina, says Windy. You get a ceramic dish with tripe, tomatoes, and onions—it has the texture of roasted eggplant. Windy’s also fond of Balompie, a Salvadoran restaurant with a great tripe-and-vegetable soup.

Szechuan restaurants tend to do great work with tripe. China Village has good dry-fried tripe. Says RWCFoodie, “Any visit to Zone 88 MUST include the crispy pork intestine.” Of all the tripe dishes he’s had, this is by far his favorite. At both these restaurants, you can also partake of excellent renditions of husband-and-wife slices, with poached and thinly sliced beef shank and poached beef tripe bathed in a wickedly hot, numb-tingly chile oil, says Melanie Wong.

Bigos loves tripe dishes at Asian Pearl restaurant. While the regular dim sum is just OK, the tripe dishes are fantastic. For instance, tripe in clear broth, with a hint of spiciness. There’s also heartier, well-sauced tripe stew.

And for your hard-core fried tripitas taco needs, hit Ruth Lafler’s favorite, the El Novillo taco truck, across from Guadalajara Restaurant.

A16 [Marina]
2355 Chestnut Street, San Francisco

Incanto [Noe Valley]
1550 Church Street, San Francisco

Delfina [Mission]
3621 18th Street, San Francisco

Balompie [Mission]
3349 18th Street, San Francisco

China Village [East Bay]
1335 Solano Avenue, Albany

Zone 88 [Portola]
2428 San Bruno Avenue, San Francisco

Asian Pearl [East Bay]
In Pacific East Mall
3288 Pierce Street, Richmond

El Novillo Taco Truck [East Bay]
Across from Guadalajara Restaurant
1001 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland

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