Great Taste Bakery & Restaurant, a place called out this summer for its wonderful spicy fried pork rib plate, is apparently continuing to crank out wonderful homestyle Cantonese chow.

y2000k, who grew up in Hong Kong, says Great Taste is her “go-to” for Cantonese. Best stuff in the joint: “out of this world” beef brisket and beef tendon, available in noodle soup or in a curry with rice. y2000k is also a fan of the hot pot rice, “only listed in Chinese banners posted on the walls, NOT on the printed menu.” The Chinese sausage hot pot rice was “nostalgic,” with the prized crunchy rice on the sides and bottom of the pot. Better order it only when you have a little time though: an order takes 30 minutes.

y2000k also notes that the Chowhound-approved dim sum is made in-house by the chef.

Great Taste Bakery & Restaurant [Chinatown]
63 Beach Street, Boston

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