Los Chilangos is a new place specializing in the antojitos of Mexico City: huaraches (sandal-shaped stuffed masa dough), quesadillas (cheese-filled fried tortillas), tlacoyos (small, oval, stuffed huaraches). There’s also the heart-stopping alambre: carne asada, ham, bacon, onions, and red pepper griddled together and topped with melted cheese.

The pambozas (rolls dipped in chile sauce and griddled) are beautiful. They’re “surprisingly light, like a chile-head’s twisted idea of French toast, with a nice spread of beans, potato, and chorizo,” says Das Ubergeek.

Los Chilangos makes great nopales, too. “It takes talent to cook nopales, because they ooze like okra, and you run the risk of serving a pile of green snot to your guests,” explains Das Ubergeek. They work very well in a huarache with al pastor.

Los Chilangos [Orange County]
1830 West Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim

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