The Let’s Do Lunch photo contest is on. There was a time when photographing food in a restaurant was something people debated. Whether it was rude, whether staff would assume the photographer was a blogger or reviewer, whether it was anti-social behavior sure to drive civilization into the ground.

As it turns out, people like to document what they’re eating. And photographing the plate in front of you has almost become a standard step between ordering and eating. Do the right thing with those photos: win with them, and win big. The Let’s Do Lunch photo contest will outfit one winner with a fantastic suite of prizes, including a Nikon D5000 Digital SLR camera. And beyond the first prize, other winners will receive things like printers and software.

Yes, there is an entry fee. But 20 percent of it goes to food banks, and a $2 taco or a $50 steak are equally worthy. CHOW is helping judge the contest, and we want to see delicious things. So shoot, shoot, and win.

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