Blogger and mixologist Jeffrey Morgenthaler is a man on a mission. His goal: to help spread the news of Repeal Day, the only holiday devoted solely and entirely to drinking.

Celebrated on December 5, Repeal Day marks the anniversary of the day the 18th Amendment (that would be Prohibition to you and me) was repealed, thereby allowing all God-fearing Americans of a certain age to drink legally again.

Morgenthaler points out that, although there may be other holidays that incorporate alcohol, all are sullied by the distracting influence of competing aspects to the day (St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, etc.). Repeal Day can focus exclusively on the booze. Morgenthaler has a list of compelling reasons why the day should be celebrated far and wide. Among others:

We have the Constitutional right to do so. How many forms of pleasure are guaranteed by the Constitution? None, unless you’re one of those who get an inflated sense of ego from holding a firearm or speaking in public. Me, I’m going to stick with alcohol.

It’s easy! There are no outfits to buy, costumes to rent, rivers to dye green. Simply celebrate the day by stopping by your local bar, tavern, saloon, winery, distillery, or brewhouse and having a drink. Pick up a six-pack on your way home from work. Split a bottle of wine with a loved one. Buy a shot for a stranger. Just do it because you can.

Morgenthaler’s campaign is gaining momentum, with a number of drink-oriented blogs rallying to the cause. Drink This Blog, The Art of Drink, and Days That End in Y are all on board with Repeal Day, as is The Museum of the American Cocktail. While Modern Drunkard Magazine is promising an article on the holiday, and DC Drinks is planning a Repeal Day celebration at Billy Martin’s Tavern in Washington, DC, a drinking establishment that opened for business on the first Repeal Day, December 5, 1933. There is even some classic newsreel footage announcing the repeal of Prohibition that can be viewed on Morgenthaler’s site.

Time to get your drinking plans in place—Repeal Day is coming. And if you need any further convincing, consider the words of a commenter on Morgenthaler’s blog: “This is so f*ing brilliant. Plus, Canadians would be sooooo jealous.”

Of course, that’s ignoring the fact that Canada wasn’t dumb enough to ban drinking for 13 long years, but whatever. It’s almost Repeal Day—cheers!

How do you plan to celebrate Repeal Day?

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