The house-made smoked sausage at La Bedaine, a French place selling its own charcuterie and ready-made French dinners to take home, already has its own fan club.

“It is succulent, smoky, pure goodness,” says rworange. “They were the smokiest I’ve ever had except for some that a friend hand-carries back from Louisiana,” confirms Robert Lauriston. “Massive flavor for such a small quantity.”

The pork rillettes are also fantastic, says abstractpoet: “less salty than, and at least as good as, Fatted Calf’s—at a significantly lower price.” A portion is $4. The smoked halibut has exquisite texture, adds rworange. “Anyone with a passion for smoked whitefish will drop to their knees in reverence for this.

“Wild boar terrine is wonderful,” says nicedragonboy, and makes a good sandwich. noahj appreciates the pork terrine sandwich, especially for just $6.

As for the Cryovac-ed take-home meals, abstractpoet enjoyed the hearty cassoulet, with generous pieces of beef, sausage, and what may have been duck leg. The smoked halibut dinner was also very good. To cook them at home, you pop them into a pot of boiling water, turn off the heat, and let sit 10 minutes.

A chocolate tart is lovely and fudgy in a crisp crust, but the croissants are on the bready side. The chef apparently used to cook at Le Charm, which bodes well for the duck dishes, says ernie in berkeley. And take note: These prices are too low to last, Robert Lauriston says.

La Bedaine [East Bay]
1585 Solano Avenue, Berkeley

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