Brooklyn, New York

In the name of reckless adventure, I decided to leave my Brooklyn home for two months to take part in the Mongol Rally—a group road trip started by Brit Tom Morgan in 2004 that begins in London and ends in Mongolia. This year, more than 160 teams will take whatever route they choose to reach the end point, in cars that, according to the official rules, are “generally considered to be crap.” It’s not a competition, because nobody wins. (It is, however, a fund-raiser: Each team contributes a minimum of £1,000—roughly $2,000—to various charities.)

I enlisted two friends, Andrew Coslow, a graphic designer, and Mims Wright, a web developer, and we bought a white hatchback Subaru with a busted driver’s-side door for $585. We named our team Mr. Dinosaur. In late July, we began driving the 8,000-plus-mile journey, with plans to reach Mongolia in a month’s time. Hopefully.

I have a secret agenda: A food-lover and sometimes food writer, I want to sample the local victuals, from the strange to the mundane (from Finnish reindeer jerky to Mongolian fermented horse milk) and blog about it for CHOW. No matter whom I meet, I’ll ask the question: What did you have for dinner last night?

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