When Bong Mom’s CookBook came up in a Google search for food blogs, I was expecting to find a groovy mama with a large collection of marijuana-enhanced recipes, but she’s not talking about that kinda bong, kids. The Bong Mom, a.k.a. Sandeepa, presently lives in the States but grew up in a Bengali family in West Bengal and Bihar, and when she talks about being a Bong, she’s referring to her culture. This is why she blogs:

I want to pass on my legacy of Bengali food to my little daughter and all the other little ones out there who growing up in a foreign land will find a way to connect to their Bangla roots through the smell and taste of Bangla cuisine.

This is also for all non-Bongs, to try out and sample the nuances of Bengali Cooking.

Along with beautiful photographs, Bong Mom shares her stories and her recipes—ranging from a simple cup of ginger tea to a more intricate green jackfruit curry with shrimp—and introduces readers to her favorite spices like garam masala and panch phoron, the so-called Sorceress of Spices. We’re looking at some pretty fragrant foods here, but no worries: In Bong Mom’s kitchen, it’s totally safe to inhale.

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