Last week, as I was quickly picking up supplies for an impromptu cocktail party in my backyard, I stopped by the cheese shop and grabbed a pretty little puck called Constant Bliss. I didn’t have time to sample it, but I was thrilled to discover that this cow’s-milk cheese lives up to its name. Blogger Ganda, on her Eat Drink One Woman, describes it as follows:

It’s a volcano-shaped puck made of raw cow’s milk, a bit smaller than a baseball. Mild and creamy with just enough moldy bite to keep things interesting, it’s got a bloomy white rind, an oozy middle layer, and a firm-paste nougat center.

Constant Bliss comes from Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, Vermont. It’s available from all the retailers listed on the farm’s website, but those aren’t the only shops that carry it—my local fromagerie, Stinky Bklyn, isn’t on the list, but it had the cheese in stock. You can also order it from Artisanal’s online shop.

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