Carb Lover will drive all the way to Pescadero for a taste of Duarte’s Tavern’s olallieberry pie à la mode. It is a perfect pie: The tart-sweet balance is spot-on, the consistency not too thick but not too runny. The fruit is mostly jammy but keeps some nice texture, and the crust is brown and infinitely flaky. With a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, it will send steaming love-rays at you until you devour it.

The rest of the food there is pretty good. Your best bet is probably the crab melt. Even out of the local crab season, Duarte’s uses live crab. Every bite is rich and delicious.

It is, Carb Lover says, tasty comfort food, and genuine service; this is a place that truly has soul.

Duarte’s Tavern [Peninsula]
202 Stage Road, Pescadero

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