It’s anarchy in the GDR as a group of Berlin protesters tries to keep a McDonald’s from opening in a historically left-wing neighborhood adjacent to the former Berlin Wall.

The site’s fence already is smeared with obscene anti-McDonald’s graffiti, and the company has hired security guards to watch over it.

Although Berlin already has 40 McDonald’s restaurants, the Kreuzberg neighborhood, which is filled with local joints and organic cafés, wants nothing to do with the fast-food giant. Protesters at a Saturday rally carried signs that read “McDreck” (“McPoop,” to you English-speakers) and “Kill Fast Food.”

While protests over animal rights have caused some changes at the fast-food megacorp, it’s generally impossible to keep chains out of an area that they’ve decided to target.

On the other hand, maybe, like the blog 3 Brothers & a Sister, the German protesters are just angry that McD’s has unexpectedly dropped rapper Twista from his slot on the McDonald’s Live concert tour.

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