We’ve talked about Banh Mi Che Cali, a favorite of many hounds for those Vietnamese sandwiches, banh mi. We’ve talked about Lee’s and Mr. Baguette. But after a visit to Banh Mi Cho Cu, Das Ubergeek declares in a particularly eloquent post, “These were the best banh mi I’ve ever eaten. I cut my banh mi teeth on Saigon Sandwich in the Tenderloin of SF, which might be the best banh mi in that city. I’ve been to Mr. Baguette, Top Baguette, Tip Top Sandwiches, Saigon Sandwich, Ba Le, Banh Mi Che Cali, Paris Baguette,
and of course Lee’s, down here, and this just blew them all straight out of the water.”

When you walk in, straight away the messy piles of sweets, the loosely covered tray of cha lua, and the enormous pile of pickled vegetables tell you this place has got it.

Xiu mai (pork meatball) banh mi is a revelation—the xiu mai piping hot and incredibly juicy, the cilantro and vegetables (including cucumber) in good proportion, the chile pepper, well, spicy. The bread is better than at a lot of French places: crunchy outside, soft and slightly gluteny inside. Barbecue pork looks charred to Jerkyville, but it’s actually tender and moist, with an intense caramelized flavor, adds pleasurepalate. Grilled pork sandwich looks and smells (with a lovely lemongrass aroma) just as delicious.

The Vietnamese iced coffee is excellent, though the crushed ice makes it more like a coffee granité.

Banh Mi Cho Cu Bakery [Little Saigon]
14520 Magnolia Street Suite B, Westminster

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