By now we’re all used to clever molecular gastronomy–inspired food, but this is something else again. After years of churning out concepts for Camper shoes, Droog Design, and the Museum of Modern Art, Marti Guixe realized, “I hate objects.” What he really wanted to design was food:

I have considered that I will buy perhaps two chairs in my lifetime, but I buy food three times a day.

Guixe isn’t much interested in cooking. In fact, some of his ideas are downright antieating, such as his Pharma-food project, in which food microparticles are sprayed into the air and breathed in. But his more practical designs bring a whimsical modernism to edibles, resulting in some neat intuitive stuff, such as his cakes that are frosted with a pie chart breaking down what ingredients are inside, cookies mapped into bite-size pieces, and—my favorite—a wine bottle label with tear-off strips to help you remember the name of the wine.

This last idea seems to have been floating in the collective consciousness for a while, actually, and may be catching on, just like good design should.

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